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Ideas for prom, graduation, holidays, family events, or just for good times!!!!

  • Beer Bread Bowl for Mama Jane’s Creations-Use Mama Jane’s Beer Bread Creation to make a bowl for the creations. After you have mixed the beer bread, butter the outside of the can or bottle, fill it with water and push it down in the middle of the dough. Bake and when it is cool, remove can or bottle. Fill the hole with Mama Jane’s Kickin’ Chicken (add your own chicken) Mama Jane’s Crabby (add a can of crab) or Mama Jane’s John J. Pershing’s Black Jack Pepper Jack. Just pull off a part of the beer bread and dip it into the Mama Jane Creation in the center.
  • Mama Jane’s Cheese Balls-You can make a cheese ball with any of the creations by adding cream cheese or if it already suggest cream cheese, chill, form in a ball and serve with crackers, chips, etc. Some like to add a little butter to their cheese ball.
    • Bacon Horseradish is great rolled in pecans
    • Loaded may be rolled in parsley, green onions, sunflower seeds, etc.
    • Garden Vegetable is excellent rolled in slivered almonds.
    • Of course Cucumber Dill rolled in dill weed is fantastic!
    • Go ahead make any creation into a cheese form.
  • Build Your Own Mini Fruit Pizzas-Ooh La La is awesome for mini fruit pizzas! Make or purchase sugar cookies, have your guests spread Ooh La La on the cookie, and top with a variety of fruits. I lay out strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, apple slices in a citrus soda, etc.
  • Super Quick Canapés-A quick and easy is to take vanilla wafers and turn them upside down, spread with Mama Jane’s Strawberry Creation, and top with a fresh strawberry slice.
    • Use may also use the Blueberry Bliss with fresh blueberries.
    • Take Mama Jane’s Cucumber Dill Creation and mix with cream cheese, spread on little party bread, and top with a fresh cucumber slice.
  • Mini Cheese Cake & Tarts-Take any of the Mama Jane’s Sweet & Sassy Line and make into mini cheesecakes in a tart pan or mini graham cracker pie shells found at your local grocer.
    • Ooh La La with white chocolate truffle balls or chips
    • Kaitlyn’s Dream with Oreo Cookies pieces drizzled in chocolate
    • Luscious Lime with a slice of lime on top
    • Kiss Ya Mama with a sprinkle of chocolate chips
    • Blueberry Bliss and Lemondrop with fresh Blueberries
  • Cherry Chocolate Cheese Ball-Make Smore Lovin’ as directed, chill into a ball, make an indention in the top to spoon in cherry pie filling, garnish with chocolate covered cherries!!!!!Yum!!! Serve with a chocolate wafer type cookie.
  • Hot Dip Creation From Mama Jane’s Midnight Chili-Make Mama Jane’s Midnight Chili add less water and enjoy it with scoop chips.
  • Unique Instant Flavored Pretzels-See my brochure for the ideas to make flavored pretzels that require no baking. I suggest strawberry, black raspberry, One Hot Mama, Holy Smokia Jolokia, Slap Ya Mama, Kickin’ Chicken, Pepper Jack, South of the Border, Sun Dried Tomato Basil, Drake’s Dunking, and I love Cinnamon Bun on pretzels. All you need is ½ cup oil, a Mama Jane Creation, a ¾ pound bag of pretzels, and a gallon zip lock bag. Mix creation with oil, pour over the pretzels in a zip lock bag, allow to marinate for a while, later lay out to dry! These are fabulous!!! We even had customers love the Kiss Ya Mama Pretzels!!!
  • Super Guacamole-In electric mixer bowl add one package South of the Border Creation, ¾ cup sour cream, two soft avocados. Mix until smooth. Add ½ can drained black beans, ½ green pepper chopped, ½ bunch chopped green onions and mix well. Salt and pepper to taste. Serve with corn chips, scoop chips, or tortilla chips.
  • Vegetable Pizza-Unroll crescent rolls on a cookie sheet and bake, allow to cool. Prepare Mama Jane’s Garden Vegetable Creation or Cucumber Dill Creation prepared with cream cheese, spread over crescent roll crust. Top with any combination of the following, chopped red onion, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, red or green peppers, Mushrooms or radishes.
  • Roll Ups-Use your favorite Mama Jane’s Creation. I recommend Pepperjack, Slap Ya Mama, Garden Vegetable, Don’t Hog It All or South of the Border. Prepare using one 8 oz. block softened cream cheese. Add a can of drained chopped olives, one can finely chopped green chilies and 6 chopped green onions. Spread mixture on flour shells and roll. Place the roll in the refrigerator and chill one hour. When chilled slice in one inch slices. May be made the day before.
  • Layered Bean Dip-Combine one can refried beans, one package Mama Jane’s South of the Border and 1/2 cup salsa, spread into an 8 by 8 dish. Next prepare Mama Jane’s Drake’s (Cheddar Ranch) Dunking Creation or Mad Mama Con Queso (Chili Cheese) with 1 ½ cups sour cream, mix well and spread over bean mixture. Top with cherry tomatoes ¼ cup chopped red onion, and ½ chopped green or red peppers.
  • Mama ‘s Loaded Potato Skins-Bake potatoes, scoop out potatoes, mix with Mama Jane’s Loaded Creation, sprinkle with cheese, and bake until cheese is melted.
  • Slider Bar-Make mini slider burgers, and lay out a variety of Mama Jane’s Creations for toppings. I suggest you make the creations with cream cheese. Try One Hot Mama, Holy Smokia Jolokia, (if you dare), Mad Mama Con Queso, Slap Ya Mama, Bacon Horseradish, Kickin Chicken, Black Jack Pepper Jack. South of the Border, Sun Dried Tomato Basil, Garden Vegetable, and Drake’s Dunking Creation.
  • Hot Cheddar Beef Dip-In the mixer add 16 oz. softened cream cheese, add one Mama Jane’s Drake’s Dunking (cheddar ranch) until smooth. Add a bunch of chopped green onions with a 4 oz. package of dried beef finely chopped. Chill 3 hours and prior to serving bake at 350 for 15 minutes. Serve hot with crackers, tortilla chips, or toasted breads.