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Mad Mama Con Queso-(Chili Cheese) Awesome as a dip, as well as to season your snack mix of cereals, pretzels, crackers, & nuts.

Slap Ya Mama-(Strong Intense Garlic) One of Mama Jane’s favorites to make a dip, cheese ball, seasoned pretzels, seafood rub, and meat rub. This mix is excellent with olive oil to pour over pasta or added to butter for seafood and bread dipping.

Bacon Horseradish-This is a favorite for those who love horseradish. This is a big seller to flavor a dip, cheese ball, and pretzels. We love this as a sandwich spread and for a prime rib dip. My husband’s favorite!

One Hot Mess Creation (Raspberry Chipotle)-Sweet with a smoky kick! Great with chicken fingers, onion straws, sandwich spread, and tortilla chips.

Kickin’ Chicken-(Hot Wing Taste)-New to our line!!! Great to serve chilled or warmed. Thus far our kitchen has only made Kickin’ Chicken as a dip and cheese ball.

John J. Pershing “Black Jack”-(Pepper Jack)-New to our line! Our tasters loved this served warm with chips and breads.

Mama Jane's Crabby-New fall 2010! Just add a can of crab to make this bayou creation.

Mama Jane's Been Riding Armadillos- This creation has an amazing chipotle flavor to make a dip.cheese ball. meat ru. seasoning for any southwest dish. Yes, it has a little kick that will bring zing to your taste buds.


Creations & Beer Bread: one — $4.00
Call Mama Jane for bundle prices
Wine Slushes $8.00 each
Bloody Marys $10.00 each

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Mama Jane is always making new creations all the time!!
Look for her new creations!!!!     Got any ideas for her!!!!