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State Fair Blue Ribbon Raspberry -This dip/cheese ball creation is amazing with fresh fruit especially pineapple. With pineapple it tastes like a Blue Hawaiian! This is selling like crazy because little girls love it while they watch the movie! It is great to serve for "Frozen" Parties!

Ooey Gooey Butter Cake Creation-What can I say if you like Ooey Gooey Butter Cake you will love this new dip/cheese ball creation. It makes an amzing dip/cheese ball great with fruit, cookies, or graham crackers!

Mama Jane’s Smore Lovin (Chocolate)-Mix this with cream cheese and marshmallow cream to capture that smore taste. This dip can be made into a cheesecake!! Makes a tasty chocolaty dip for fruits, graham crackers, and shortbread type cookies.

Ooh La La (White Chocolate Amaretto)-A yummy dip, cheese ball, and cheesecake. Great flavor that compliments frozen white grapes and bananas! Makes a great no-bake cheesecake over which you can shave white chocolate and garnish with white chocolate truffle candy.

Kiss Ya Mama-(Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough)-A Huge seller!!!!!! A wonderful taste for a dip, cheese ball, and makes a unique pretzel coating.

Strawberry-An all time favorite for a dip, cheese ball, cheesecake, and my customers love the strawberry coated pretzels.

Black Raspberry-This flavor stands out as one of our favorites with customers. You choose, Strawberry or Raspberry.

Mama Jane’s Birthday Cake-Our latest creation that was so much fun!!!! You will end up eating out of the bowl.

Cinnamon Bun-Wow this dip is full of flavor! Ground Cinnamon, Cinnamon Chips, and Fresh Ground Nutmeg in each batch!!! Great with fruits, cookies, crackers, bagel, etc.

Kaitlyn's Dream Cookies & Cream-This flavor makes a great dip as well as a quick no bake cheesecake. It is full of cookies!

Mama Jane’s Sugar Free Birthday Cake-This is a yummy sugar free dip to control sugar intake or cut a few calories. Our kitchen tested this recipe and even added fruits to make this versatile dip into the flavor of your choice.

Mama Jane is Nuts- A light tasting peanut butter flavor for a dip.cheese ball.pretzel coating. We love to add two packages to make a mile high peanut butter pie that takes a few minutes to whip up and chill to impress those who love peanut butter.

Mama Janes's No Plain Jane Vanilla Bean- This was created due to customer request. My extensive line of creations tend to overwhelm patrons and many kept saying, "I am just looking for an easy dip that will go with any fruit!" Well I did it! This is a simple elegant flavor for fruits, stuffed strawberries, and I just made strawberry desserts in mason jars using this creation To make the dessert just layer pound cake, shortbread, brownies, etc. with strawberries and layers of the Vanilla Bean and top with a mound of whipped cream and a strawberry. I added ribbon around the jars to make a show off dessert.

Mama Jane's hopped up on Carrot Cake- If you love carrot cake just mix my creations with one block of cream cheese and garnish with nuts, coconut, etc. Serve with cookies or graham crackers.

Mama Jane's Amore' Red Velvet- If you are a red velvet connoisseur, you have found a quick and easy dip or cheese ball to garnish with mini-chocolate chips. Dip with a hard chocolate graham cracker or chocolate wafer cookie.

Creations & Beer Bread: one — $4.00
Call Mama Jane for bundle prices
Soups, Cappuccinos & Hot Chocolates $6.00 each
Wine Slushes $8.00 each
Bloody Marys $10.50 each
Multiple prices do not include soups/cappuccinos

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